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John Reilly & Dave Ireland have become partners and good friends in many interests involving cryptocurrency over the past few years.  We are committed to investing our time and energy helping others become educated about what’s happening in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

Our live, online, Saturday morning, Crypto News Report (CNR) has attracted a community of crypto enthusiasts who even during the “Crypto Winter” of 2018 have continued stay grounded through community education, awareness, and cryptocurrency passive earning opportunities.  

Honest, Independent and Objective

NWE Capital’s Crypto News Report looks at the fundamental and technical aspects of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market.  The focus during our weekly Crypto News Report is to look at developments that are impacting the adoption & innovation of cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology.  Our doors are OPEN to all newcomers, no matter how new or experienced you might be in the cryptocurrency space. 

Most importantly, we love having fun during our Saturday reports!  And we welcome input and questions from everyone who attends. 

The CNR community is a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts whose passion is to learn and grow together in both education and opportunity to help us become positively positioned for what we believe will be the largest wealth transfer in human history.

We looking forward to welcoming you to our next CNR. 

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